Thursday, August 20, 2009


So I'm assembling my invitations. I've put them all together (tape/glue invitation into pocket folder, insert reception information, insert RSVP card and envelope, fold). I wore latex gloves to protect the paper from grimy hands and myself from paper cuts. Actually made everything easier.

But the pocket envelopes fold and I'd hated the matching stickers to seal them, so I didn't know what i was going to do. Until I remembered my wax seal. I used to love it and seal all kinds of random letters with my various seals (I have 4 seals and 4 wax colors).

So the hubs and I, last night, after we both got home at 9pm and were actually talking to each other since we had time before we passed out, started sealing all the envelopes. We got through about half. I bought red wax and we're infusing some of my Irish heritage into the system by using my Claddaugh seal. So red wax on black envelopes, how badass.

I also need to take photos of all my paper flowers. I'm now at about 100 done (so halfway). they're now piled up in the study closet.

So my DIY list:
  1. finish sealing invitations
  2. address invitations and make the A and B stacks ready for mailing
  3. finish making paper flowers
  4. finish spray painting the branches for the flowers
  5. try out the galvanized pail's with the Damask Ribbon (found at walmart, of all places) for containers for the paper flowers
  6. make the luminaries (I need to buy the lights, the velum, and stuff but have the stickers for the outside. found those)
  7. make the table cloth overlays for 15 tables
  8. make the initials banner to hang at the church
  9. favors

I went to a fabric store my new friend Wendy sent me information on. They are actually a home fabrics store and were having a huge HUGE sale on everything (100's of upholstery fabrics for $2-4 a yard--usually $20-50 a yard). I got 30 yards of sheer, red fabric and about 4 yards of some upholstery fabric for regular DIY projects I will undertake post-wedding (because seriously, it's nice fabric and it's super cheap. stupid to pass up. I got 4 different fabrics). So for less than $100 I got all that. So I'll save $100 in rental fees and I'll keep it, or probably sell it maybe. Downside: sewing 15 tablecloths. but it's not bad. Won't be too hard. Sadly, I'm more excited about the other fabric I got and finding some cool vintage arm chairs to recover like this:

*peacock blue: by fabulous jimmie martin.

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