Monday, July 20, 2009


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I'm over budget and I'm overwhelmed by cake. Mine will (hopefully) kind of look like the above cake, only I hate fondant (ew) so I will be having buttercream with either a rice-paper overlay with a swooshie (technical term) design and red ribbon on the bottom, or something similar. Fondant also = expensive

I also need to call the DJ my very very close friend sent me. Also, have to consider tipping.

Wedding Planner - we aren't having one.

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist - ditto

Delivery and Set-up Staff - uh.... no flowers, no sound system (see DJ), and cake is in contract

Officiant - Apparently we're expected to donate to the church, even though they're charging us. huh.

Musicians (ceremony) - not applicable

Photographer - if they're not the studio owner, you're supposed to tip. Our guy is a friend building his portfolio, not charging us at all, I will (of course) give him some money. $100? He's not printing any photos, we just get the proofs.

Reception Staff - 2% is usually built in, check your contract. usually 15-20% of the food total (not the total cost).

Reception Attendants - see above.

Musicians (reception) - option, but $50 - 150$ for DJs is preferred (!)

Transportation - gratuity is usually included in the contract.

these are all the things no-one tells you.
I did reserve hotel rooms today for out of area guests. go me.
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