Monday, July 20, 2009

PreMarital Counseling Weekend

This weekend we were away at our Engaged Encounter--the Catholic premarital therapy weekend you are required to go to before you can get married. Here is what I learned about my husband:
  • He cannot write things down, writting is not something he can do without hours and days of thought. So things that work off writting, then exchanging your writtings, then talking=totally not useful for us.
  • We like being around other couples our age, in similar situations, and hanging out together.
  • We do not like crazy catholics.
  • Natural Family Planning is like joining a cult, we do not drink the red koolaid or wear Nike's so we're obviously not good Catholics. Oh well. Sorry. According to them, we're not valuing each other and we're abusing our love. Ok, pretty sure that's not true and that the whole Dont judge your neighbor as you would not want to be judged thing is beyond these people's comprehension.
  • Being forced to stay up past 11pm, then woken up by a bell at 7am, just equals very grumpy Coach and an irritated me. We are exhausted. I am at work, he's still sleeping. Teachers. grrr.
  • We learned a few good things, but I think we decided for the most part that we are pretty honest, but I need to work on asking for help, listening and not being defensive when I do something mean, being less mean, and giving him time to adjust to living with someone for the first time. He has to work on growing up when I need him to be a part of my world, where I don't work with retarded high schoolers and there's certain codes of conduct. Ugh.
  • Oh and don't talk about serious things when exhausted. All we do is throw our stuff down and want to sleep. Not. So. Effective.
  • The King of Jokesters thinks that shoving cake into each others faces on the wedding day is tacky. So we compromised, no cake shoving (him) and no money dance (me)--t.a.c.k.y.

Plus side: we now have our entire fee waved for our Marriage License. Still doens't make up for the cost of the class, but at least that's one less thing we've got to dish out.

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