Thursday, July 16, 2009

Late for a Meeting

So now I'm reading all of her posts backwards viewing things that I would love to do at my wedding, but think I probably wont. We will be close to running an only $10,000 wedding. If you don't count my dress we'll be there. So I'm liking the tips.

I made the flowers, I need different paper and a hot glue gun. Going to try again tonight.

I've been trying to figure out what to get Coach as a wedding gift. My first thought: shotgun. I know, crazy. But he wants one, he loves shooting, and it's something that I know would blow his ever-loving-mind. He'd love me forever. But I was reading the blog, and she posted doing this. HELP!

Oh and I bought them. This, minus the green and plus some red will be in my hair on my wedding day. I also am having her make Coach and His bestman's boutonniers, the usher's and readers boutonniers, our mom's corsages, and the brooches for my sister and I's dresses. I spent more than I'd anticipated on flowers to serve these purposes, but it's my wedding and I love them.

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