Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flowers or No Flowers?

so thanks to Kristy I have found numerous ideas for my wedding that I'd never considered.

I just emailed this lady to see about doing these with red accents for the Brooch on Caitlin and I's dresses, and maybe a hair piece to match for the reception (because you know I've got to match).

In addition I have also consulted my super-powers-wielding Future Mother-in-Law on the possiblity of making these (they're paper! no joke)
based on her wedding.

Since Super-Woman used to be a Kindergarden teacher for 30 years, I figure we can do this. We will be attempting sometime soon. I will try to take photos.

I think this blog is morphing into wedding territory, but since all I have to do is gripe about how much I hate my job I think this is a good thing.

We booked the venue, the caterer, I'm cake tasting Thursday and Friday, The ceremony is set (kinda, we've just got to meet with the liturgest), and the hubs is doing good. We've got to figure out the D.J. and get our flowers figured out, and I've got to talk to our friend the aspiring photographer who is doing our photos (he actually takes amazing stuff, so this I'm happy with and he's free--with the agreement that our shots can be his portfolio, no problem with me! as long as I look good). We found my sisters dress yesterday, my dress came in 2 months early, and the invitations are on order. Save the Dates are out, and so now I've just got all the creative stuff. Which I don't mind so much.

Apparently I've missed out totally on the blogs! Wow! Thanks Kristy! (who, herself, is getting married in October).

Oh and we have our Engaged Encounter this weekend. Hopefully not bad, I know they're going to push the natural birthcontrol stuff but whatever. I love my IUD.
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