Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Failure at Budgeting

Mild panic attack.

The Rev (aka mom) requested to be around $10,000.00 ... uh..... shiznuckles.

We are currently right under $12,000. Although, I have paid for about $1,000.00 myself and so she's about $11,000...... however I have not ordered my cake (although I found a place that is $300 cheaper than the other places, thank the lord), my invitations have to be reordered so that's not included (major snafu with the company, so they had to refund my order so I can start all over again *sigh*), and the DJ is yet to be confirmed.

I need to talk to the soon to be Mr. DrGilmore and see what to do. Should I pay for this myself? I feel like I should... but I'm already in debt, and once his house closes he's going to be paying off my CC's at an alarming rate whilst I pay for all our bills, mortgage, etc (in our dream home, this will be reversed with him paying everything, me investing almost 80% of my salary for our retirement. go us)....... what do I do. How did I get here?

I know how... stupid venue was dream local and super romantical and smells like fresh wine (oxymoron I know, but if you smelled the Barrel Room at our venue you'd get it), and looks awesome with their Christmas decor and twinkle lights. You only get married once. We will pay for my lack of more thrifty planning. Damn it.

Definitely going for the paper flowers.
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