Thursday, July 16, 2009


so the future-hubs and I have only been together since March. srsly.

It fit, we wanted to get married, and we said "screw you" to literally everyone who said anything different. We're two cautious people, two adults with life plans that already included the other, and I love him in a way that will last. We were engaged April 24.

anyway......what was I going to say.... OH YEAH.

So I have (had) 8 friends (now really it's more like 3-4 who I talk to mostly, you know who you are. one word: cherries), and we all still know a lot about each other (shockingly). One is getting married in October (YES!) and is the credit I gave most of my earlier posts to, she sent me the blogs and paper flowers ideas.

right. so I got a FB message from another and I totally forgot that Coach is a new-ish phenomena and I need to take a trip to Austin before football season starts for him.

"So do we get to meet this Coach fellow or do we have to wait until the wedding? =)"

I need to make a trip.... they're important to me.
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