Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Blog I've Discovered

Doesn't hurt that they are also crazy catholics like Coach and I. I have purchased my own memory thingie, but this is what she did to honour her father:

Remembrance Candle:
After her father passed away three months before her wedding (eek! Dad's been gone 14 years, and it's hard enough that long ago), she wanted him to be visibly present at her nuptuals.

She even included a note in her programs (MUST REMEMBER TO DO THIS)
The program read:
In Memory
To those who could not be present today,but are certainly looking down on us.
Mr. Gary _____
Mr. & Mrs. Gustave ___ and Mr. & Mrs. Robert ____
Mr. and Mrs. David ___ and Mr. & Mrs. Fred ____
Their presence is felt in our hearts and is represented by the three flames in the remembrance candle placed near the altar.

Mine is inscribed with dad's name, and 1955-1995

Buckle can be purchased here, engraved memory cylinder here

I need to remember to get a photo like this (change of pace, but I don't want to end on a sad note. boohoo).
(image via mthree studio katie & dave's wedding)

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