Friday, July 31, 2009

About ME

My baby boy, Don Vitto (Donnie). Guess who is ready for football season? And against my honor, yes he is in a UT jersey. I need a USC one for the other puggle. Working on it.

My first centerpiece attempt. These were quickly scrapped.

My office. I have long since run out of room.

This doesn't even capture the sterilite boxes of files underneath my desk, or the fact that my office doesn't have an AC vent so I run the fan constantly during the summer, and the heater constantly during the winter. I feel appreciated

Coach when he was a little boy. I love this photo. I will be putting our kids into similar outfits and making them do this. Look at that sh*t eating grin! :) You can't even see the mini cowboy boots.


My transportation to the morning workouts. Advantage=me.

Myself and the other one of the puggles. Georgia. :)

Have a good friday!

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