Friday, July 31, 2009

About ME

My baby boy, Don Vitto (Donnie). Guess who is ready for football season? And against my honor, yes he is in a UT jersey. I need a USC one for the other puggle. Working on it.

My first centerpiece attempt. These were quickly scrapped.

My office. I have long since run out of room.

This doesn't even capture the sterilite boxes of files underneath my desk, or the fact that my office doesn't have an AC vent so I run the fan constantly during the summer, and the heater constantly during the winter. I feel appreciated

Coach when he was a little boy. I love this photo. I will be putting our kids into similar outfits and making them do this. Look at that sh*t eating grin! :) You can't even see the mini cowboy boots.


My transportation to the morning workouts. Advantage=me.

Myself and the other one of the puggles. Georgia. :)

Have a good friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

To DIE For!

This looks like a lot of work... but how fun would this be, not only for me but to give to my sister (only attendant) and maybe Mommy and Coach's Mommy. hum... my DIY list keeps trying to expand!

everything can be found HERE, information from Style Me Pretty.

MATERIALS: Everything I used for the necklace I got at Michael’s store. They have a great bead selection (certain stores more options than others- but I think you can also order online). I also got clasps that had multiple hooks or loops so that I would have more than one strand of beads coming from the one clasp. (I am not sure what those are referred to as). I found them on sale so the brand is not listed on Michael’s site, however, there are others that will substitute nicely. There are also plenty of bead shops and craft shops that I am sure would have great selections.

You can find the clear jewelry string (nylon- not stretchy) at Michaels, or fishing line from any local Target or Walmart store will suffice as well.

INSTRUCTIONS: My basic philosophy in going into the necklace was that I wanted it to be eclectic and sweet- so, I stuck with jewels that matched my color scheme but still added a bit of spark every now and again. Since each strand connected to a different hook, I basically just started with one layer, and as I added more, made them slightly longer or slightly shorter to layer them one right on top of the other- After each layer I was sure to hold it up to my neck to make sure they were falling properly. If you want the necklace a bit fuller- you can add more than one strand of beads to each individual hook.

The great part about an eclectic necklace is that your strands don’t have to have even numbers and matching patterns. Each strand was unique to itself- however, it is good to continually try on the necklace and have an outside opinion to make sure it is flowing smoothly and looking good on your particular neckline. I also used this necklace as a “reception necklace”- so, I felt ok about making it a little more “fun” rather than “formal”.
I added a small chain to the back so that I could adjust the length of the necklace if desired.
I used pretty basic “necklace crafting technique” and just put in a little more time and patience to create the layers.

A helpful hint: When you tie knots at the ends when you are attaching the strands from one latch to another- after tying several knots to secure the beading- Cut off the excess clear string and use a lighter to burn the very tip of the string so that it shrivels up and creates a small lump of melted plastic. This helps to secure the knot from slipping loose as well as from creating an itchy point. Don’t get the fire too close (you only need to hold it near -not directly on)- or it will burn more than desired and snap some of the base knots as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July To-Do

Only a few more days in July, here's my to-do remainders. I had to reorder the invitations and did that. Hair Cut on Wednesday. We were supposed to do the photos over the weekend but our photographer had a family emergency. bummer

Order Cake
Arrange DJ (he's going to be awesome)
Take Engagement Photos
Engaged Encounter Weekend
Set up Hotel Rooms for Out-Of-Towners
Book Honeymoon Flights, Hotel, Vehicle
Book Hotel Room for Wedding Night (where should we stay? reception is in Grapevine...)
MOH Dress
Hair Cut
Order Invitations

Another Blog I've Discovered

Doesn't hurt that they are also crazy catholics like Coach and I. I have purchased my own memory thingie, but this is what she did to honour her father:

Remembrance Candle:
After her father passed away three months before her wedding (eek! Dad's been gone 14 years, and it's hard enough that long ago), she wanted him to be visibly present at her nuptuals.

She even included a note in her programs (MUST REMEMBER TO DO THIS)
The program read:
In Memory
To those who could not be present today,but are certainly looking down on us.
Mr. Gary _____
Mr. & Mrs. Gustave ___ and Mr. & Mrs. Robert ____
Mr. and Mrs. David ___ and Mr. & Mrs. Fred ____
Their presence is felt in our hearts and is represented by the three flames in the remembrance candle placed near the altar.

Mine is inscribed with dad's name, and 1955-1995

Buckle can be purchased here, engraved memory cylinder here

I need to remember to get a photo like this (change of pace, but I don't want to end on a sad note. boohoo).
(image via mthree studio katie & dave's wedding)

Cute Thoughts for the Happy Couple

Super cute, more ETSY stuff. ButtonEmpire shop .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DIY & General Glamour

It's DIY Week at Classic Bride, check these cool pots out with grass!

Thought, found here, how are we leaving (A) the ceremony and (B) the reception?

Even though we're to be married in December, it'll probably be 75 degrees and sunny on our wedding day. I wish it snowed in Texas, how wonderful would this be.

(photograph by James Christianson via Style Me Pretty & little winter bride)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Huh... This is Awesome (If It Works

"What is Bride$hare? Bride$hare is a social networking site designed to help brides save money by sharing wedding-related resources and goods. Decor, apparel, rentals, and even vendors can be shared, swapped, or sold through Bride$hare connections.

Using Bride$hare is easy! After creating a profile, you’ll be able to* connect with other brides planning similarly themed or decorated weddings* find local brides willing to split costs by sharing goods and services* browse member profiles and photos for inspiration* use Bride$hare classifieds to find or sell wedding items

Our mission is simple: help ease pressure on the wallet - and the world - through the recycling and reuse of everything wedding related. After all, green is the new white!"

scour the boards, the classifieds don't have that much. could be kinda cool!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Cute

New blogs to meander through... finding all these goodies!

I will not change my mind about centerpieces again. But these here from Once Wed are dang cute

From A Field Journal (so helpful and beautiful). See the DIY Tutorial and supplies list here

from classic bride, see more here

Friday, July 24, 2009

If I Was Going to Carry/Have Flowers

This real wedding is featured in Project Weddings real weddings gallery. Here’s Christina and Ted’s real wedding … make sure to check out Project Wedding. I like the black accents, because that's what we're doing too. :) and the patterned table cloths are badA$$....they match everything I'm doing.
Love this lavender boquet. Image courtesy of Thayer Allyson Gowdy

From the folks at Project Wedding, a do it yourself wedding bouquet entry from msblossom. Absolutely stunning.

Happy Friday

In every moment, every action, every word and every thought there is opportunity. In every place and every circumstance, opportunity is abundant.

You can make a difference, always. And then, you can make a difference again.

Your hopes and desires and dreams are yours for a reason. The fact that you can feel, means you have a unique, beautiful and vital purpose. Even the smallest accomplishments move you forward. There is something wonderful you can do right now.

Nothing has been wasted, for it has all brought you here. Give yourself to that urge to make something truly wonderful out of this day. Seize the opportunity that is now within your reach. Success is yours to live.
-- Ralph Marston

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding Invitations?

Long story. Basically the ones I ordered are ugly and the lady is awesome. She's refunding my order so I can order these. They're nice. And she's very reasonable. *sigh*

they'll be in the black pocket, but with the red color. nice huh? do you care?

If Only We Were This Cool

that has got to be the funniest wedding entrance ever!

This, I would actually do (I bet with enough Jack Daniels Coach would do it....):

If I Was Having a Spring Wedding

So cute. $191 from Kate Spade (!)

Bought this for Mauii. :)

WTF is up with white pants? NO! They are everywhere!!! Just say no

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


March 2010!! that's just mean!!!

I love Johnny Depp (Or as my grandmother called him, on accident, after going to see Pirates: I just love that John Deppy).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Person I Like

I think she is just WOW. And I was reading my daily and loved this, and hope my unborn kiddos can say something this wonderful to me someday:

"As much as she enjoys the praises from Weeds, for Parker it's all about her kids. 'Sometimes I just look at them and I think, You are the two coolest people I have ever met,' she says. 'I was getting ready to come here tonight and my son came up to my trailer and said, 'Where are you going, my beauty?' I hear that, and I don't really need anything thing else.'"

Read the article by Oliver Jones here

Paper Flowers

Yup... Think I'm going to use them...

I just need to figure out what to anchor them in, and what kind of vase, container, etc. to put them in.

Spray painted the branches black, added some silver glitter. Then put
red glitter glue in the center of the flowers. I am DIY queen!!!! Now
to bed....


I have the best friends and best fiance ever.

that is all...

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Here's a thought for the bachelors who love to golf, don't just take your budies and go golf for your bachelor party. Make sure it goes to charity.

For those in DFW, here's one coming up.

"Firefighter Brandon Phillips was a 26 year old Firefighter/Paramedic with the City of Keller who died on March 30, 2005. He had served the department for three years and was a dedicated member of IAFF Local 3731. He is survived by his spouse and three young children.
The Keller Firefighters Association has sponsored an annual scholarship in Brandon's name. This scholarship is awarded to the son or daughter of a Texas firefighter whose local union is affilitated with the Texas State Associaton of Fire Fighters. Funding is raised through the anuual memorial golf tournament. Keller Fire/Rescue is proud to have served with Brandon and hope that that his memory will stay with us always."

Tournament Registration

Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club
600 Promontory Dr.
Keller, TX 76248

Monday, September 28, 2009
Registration: 7:00am
Tee Off: 8:00am

$320/team or $80/player
We are limited to 36 teams
or 144 players

For more information leave me a comment and I'll get it to you. Great benefit, a young life lost, and give back if you can. Plus if you're already going to golf and pay greens fees, might as well ensure it goes to charity! Just a thought from your loyal Dr. :)

Imogen Heap

New Music by one of my favorite artists. Her new single Canvas

I swear she always makes music more beautiful. If only I was that artistic. I adore her. Makes me want to go lay on a blanket outside and fall asleep. that may or may not be related to my desire to just sleep. period.

Failure at Budgeting

Mild panic attack.

The Rev (aka mom) requested to be around $10,000.00 ... uh..... shiznuckles.

We are currently right under $12,000. Although, I have paid for about $1,000.00 myself and so she's about $11,000...... however I have not ordered my cake (although I found a place that is $300 cheaper than the other places, thank the lord), my invitations have to be reordered so that's not included (major snafu with the company, so they had to refund my order so I can start all over again *sigh*), and the DJ is yet to be confirmed.

I need to talk to the soon to be Mr. DrGilmore and see what to do. Should I pay for this myself? I feel like I should... but I'm already in debt, and once his house closes he's going to be paying off my CC's at an alarming rate whilst I pay for all our bills, mortgage, etc (in our dream home, this will be reversed with him paying everything, me investing almost 80% of my salary for our retirement. go us)....... what do I do. How did I get here?

I know how... stupid venue was dream local and super romantical and smells like fresh wine (oxymoron I know, but if you smelled the Barrel Room at our venue you'd get it), and looks awesome with their Christmas decor and twinkle lights. You only get married once. We will pay for my lack of more thrifty planning. Damn it.

Definitely going for the paper flowers.

Schedule - UPDATED

I love To Do Lists. But my planning website doesn't really break it down by month, just by big sections of time (6months, 3 months, 2-3 weeks, 1 week, etc.). So I want to do one more specifically to put myself on a deadline.


Order Cake
Arrange DJ
Take Engagement Photos
Engaged Encounter Weekend
Set up Hotel Rooms for Out-Of-Towners
Book Honeymoon Flights, Hotel, Vehicle
Book Hotel Room for Wedding Night
MOH Dress
Hair Cut


Rehersal Dinner Site (Coach)
Transportation? (Limo? Car?)
Best Man--Make Sure He Gets A Suit
Finalize Idea For Centerpieces
August 11 (16 weeks) Payment to Caterer


Shop For Wedding Bands
September 11 (12 weeks) Payment to Caterer
Order MOH Dress
Check on Favors with Aunt
First Apt. With Liturgy Director
Pick Up Invitations
Address Invitations


Bachelorette Party ?
Check with Readers, Vocalists
Check Audio for Recorded Music at SVDP
Get Dress Fitted
Send out 8 Week Invitions (Oct. 16)
Send Out 6 Week Invitations (Oct 30)
Order Kegs
October 11 (8 weeks) Payment to Caterer
Coaches Suit Altered
Bridal Shower?


NOVEMBER 11 Tasting & Payments due at Delaney Vineyards
NOVEMBER 11All Fees and Deposites are due to SVDP
NOVEMBER 27 Final Payment and Confirm Guest count with Caterer
Boutonniers, Brooches, Corsages Should Arrive
Make Sure GroomsMan has a Suit
Check on Dresses
Submit Wedding Announcements to Newspapers
Marriage License
Start Writing Thank You Notes
Last Hair Cut - Style
Send Rehersal Dinner Invites
MOH Gifts
Finalize Liturgy
Confirm wedding-night and Honeymoon Reservations
Pick up Rings
Speak with DJ for Requested (and Banned) Songs
Speak with Officiant
Wedding-Day Timeline
Pick up Gown
Check-In with Caterer, Delaney Vineyards, Cake, DJ, SVDP
Delegate Wedding-Day Assignments
Call RSVPs
Confirm all Payments
Groomsman--Hair Cut


Designate Someone to Bring Flowers from Ceremony to Reception
Designate Who Will Meet, Greet, and Handle Venders
Put Together Wedding-Night Overnight Bag
Get Nails Done
Get a Massage
Arrange For Family to Pick up Gifts
Make Emergency Kit
Make Bins for All Day-Of Decor, etc.

by the way, here is our personal site


Reading this blog she had the best bachelorette party ever. She went to shoot skeet. Sound like me? Yes. Do we own enough guns in our house of sin that we are (for shiz) buying a huge gun safe with the first money that comes in from the wedding (srsly). Also, did you know that they won't put your safe in your house? They only deliver it to your front door, then you have to put it in your house, those b*tches are heavy! Learn something new everyday.

So I'm wondering what I could possibly do for mine... I have no clue and no idea where I want to go. I thought of going to Austin to see all my girls there, and mini-vacay for all my friends here (the wopping 2 or 3 that would want to come anyway). hm.....

Oh and quote, b/c it made me laugh out loud:

"I wasn't going to have a bachelorette party, because really, I'm just not a hard-partying penis cake eating kind of girl." - Meg @ A Practical Wedding

And I love these favors and the picture with the rings... so cute and not normal (hellllooooooo so Coach and I)

From Project Wedding

Oh and I found these (if we were doing place cards--seriously don't get me started, we just don't care to do them. bla bla)

via Something Old, Something New courtesy of Timeless Paper

Monday, July 20, 2009


via theknot

I'm over budget and I'm overwhelmed by cake. Mine will (hopefully) kind of look like the above cake, only I hate fondant (ew) so I will be having buttercream with either a rice-paper overlay with a swooshie (technical term) design and red ribbon on the bottom, or something similar. Fondant also = expensive

I also need to call the DJ my very very close friend sent me. Also, have to consider tipping.

Wedding Planner - we aren't having one.

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist - ditto

Delivery and Set-up Staff - uh.... no flowers, no sound system (see DJ), and cake is in contract

Officiant - Apparently we're expected to donate to the church, even though they're charging us. huh.

Musicians (ceremony) - not applicable

Photographer - if they're not the studio owner, you're supposed to tip. Our guy is a friend building his portfolio, not charging us at all, I will (of course) give him some money. $100? He's not printing any photos, we just get the proofs.

Reception Staff - 2% is usually built in, check your contract. usually 15-20% of the food total (not the total cost).

Reception Attendants - see above.

Musicians (reception) - option, but $50 - 150$ for DJs is preferred (!)

Transportation - gratuity is usually included in the contract.

these are all the things no-one tells you.
I did reserve hotel rooms today for out of area guests. go me.

Dance Lessons

I love Coach, but he does not know how to do anything but shuffle around the floor. So I suggested dance classes. There are so many places that do it, but it can be expensive. So check out your local community college or university for continuing education classes. Here in DFW, UTA has the following courses being offered this fall.

DA2567 First Dance as Bride and Groom (Singles/Couples)
UT Arlington Swift Dance Arlington, TX
07/21/2009--08/18/2009 $49.00
DA2556 Basic Ballroom Dancing (Singles/Couples)
UT Arlington Swift Dance Arlington, TX
09/14/2009--10/26/2009 $70.00
DA2573 Country & Western Dancing for Fun (Singles/Couples)
UT Arlington Swift Dance Arlington, TX
09/14/2009--10/26/2009 $70.00
DA2567 First Dance as Bride and Groom (Singles/Couples)
UT Arlington Swift Dance Arlington, TX
09/14/2009--10/05/2009 $49.00
DA2560 Latin Ballroom Dancing (Singles/Couples)
UT Arlington Swift Dance Arlington, TX
10/27/2009--12/08/2009 $70.00
DA2574 Single Rhythm/West Coast Swing (Singles/Couples)
UT Arlington Swift Dance Arlington, TX
10/27/2009--12/08/2009 $70.00

Sign-Up HERE

PreMarital Counseling Weekend

This weekend we were away at our Engaged Encounter--the Catholic premarital therapy weekend you are required to go to before you can get married. Here is what I learned about my husband:
  • He cannot write things down, writting is not something he can do without hours and days of thought. So things that work off writting, then exchanging your writtings, then talking=totally not useful for us.
  • We like being around other couples our age, in similar situations, and hanging out together.
  • We do not like crazy catholics.
  • Natural Family Planning is like joining a cult, we do not drink the red koolaid or wear Nike's so we're obviously not good Catholics. Oh well. Sorry. According to them, we're not valuing each other and we're abusing our love. Ok, pretty sure that's not true and that the whole Dont judge your neighbor as you would not want to be judged thing is beyond these people's comprehension.
  • Being forced to stay up past 11pm, then woken up by a bell at 7am, just equals very grumpy Coach and an irritated me. We are exhausted. I am at work, he's still sleeping. Teachers. grrr.
  • We learned a few good things, but I think we decided for the most part that we are pretty honest, but I need to work on asking for help, listening and not being defensive when I do something mean, being less mean, and giving him time to adjust to living with someone for the first time. He has to work on growing up when I need him to be a part of my world, where I don't work with retarded high schoolers and there's certain codes of conduct. Ugh.
  • Oh and don't talk about serious things when exhausted. All we do is throw our stuff down and want to sleep. Not. So. Effective.
  • The King of Jokesters thinks that shoving cake into each others faces on the wedding day is tacky. So we compromised, no cake shoving (him) and no money dance (me)--t.a.c.k.y.

Plus side: we now have our entire fee waved for our Marriage License. Still doens't make up for the cost of the class, but at least that's one less thing we've got to dish out.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Paper Flower Attempt #2

So I tried it with different textured papers and paterns. They look totally cool. I'm seriously leaning towards them. I just need to get spray paint and do a branch so I can stick some on and get a final idea.

Because I'm Stalking

Purchase here

I love her.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Centerpieces... Again

So I'm having problems decididng what to do.

1.) I love the paper flowers, if I can get them to work

  • cheaper

  • DIY

  • creative

  • no one else will have them

2.) The vases I bought and flowers idea is super cute and romantic, I love the floating candles.

  • candles work awesome in the reception space (very dim and romantic)

  • love flowers

  • expensive (or more so)

  • lots of set up time, for some undetermined person day-of


I'll post photos of my attempts with the new paper tomorrow


A friend of mine asked on her blog if we believed in soulmates. I loved this answer from B, so I'm posting it. Love you.

I remember in high school my mom saying that she didn't believe there was 'one person' meant for you and that there were really other people out there you could fall in love with and make it work with... and I was like "what?!?! why!?!?" B/c at that age I was clinging on to that "one person" that's right for me. I probably believed in soulmates then.

I don't believe in soulmates now. I think that there are probably other people out there that I could've fallen in love with and could've made it work with... but I think God did lead me to D* and did prepare us for each other, etc. I think God had a plan for us and I think that we were sensitive enough to feel His nudges and neither of us felt He was pushing us away from each other, etc etc... In fact, I prayed that if D* wasn't right for me, that He would close that door completely, leaving no room for mistake. I think "soulmate" is what you get when you take "God's plan" out of it... and maybe what you get when you want a reason to leave your current spouse for someone else.

I fell in love with D* and then made a choice and commitment to love him. Sometimes, I'm still falling in love with him. Other times, I'm CHOOSING to love him. =) D*'s dad told him that the passion in marriage waxes and wanes but that you have to have respect for each other to make it work. I would like to add commitment. "...respect and commitment to make it work." My dad truly believes they really should call marriage "compromise." So maybe we should say "... respect and commitment and compromise..." My point being, I don't think there's ANYone out there that ANY of us could POSSIBLY meet where things would just come together and we wouldn't have to work (and I mean WORK) at a marriage with. We are imperfect people... which means marriage is work and love is a choice. But it's beautiful.

To be completely honest, our first year of marriage was hard... maybe not a "struggle"... but close. It's so much better now. We work together much better now. We get each other better now. We can anticipate better. We appreciate each other better. We respect better. We love better. We put each other first better. We fight better. We know each other's boundaries better. When things aren't easy, when the "love" wanes, I don't think, "What about me?" or "Maybe we shouldn't have done this... maybe we were too young..." I think "Wow, we really need more of each other/God right now.. or maybe less of each other." I love D* so much more now than I did two years ago. That love was exciting and anticipating and new. This love is deeper and comforting and real. (I'm not sure how it feels "real" but it does!) It's more... raw. It's on a completely different level.

I think, at first, love is blind. You wouldn't ever fall in love with someone if it weren't. If you were introduced to all their flaws, the REAL person... you wouldn't fall in love.

I think there is someone you're "meant to be with" according to God's plan. But I don't think any part of finding them or being with them or making it work with them is any easier just b/c of that. I think you'll feel that it's right, that it's God's will, that you have His blessing, and that you won't feel that tugging that "this isn't right" when it IS God's person for you. But I think you'll still have to be brave and put yourself out there to find them (I did, I was totally out of my comfort zone letting D* know I was interested) and that you'll still be hurt from time to time (I am) but that you'll find a love that's beautiful and grows you to become more Christ-like. B/c after all, that is God's entire intention for marriage.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Date Night

So I recieved a text from Coach that went like this:

2 things. The coaches get together is August 1st (for your anal retenive outlook calendar). 2nd. I'm making tonight date night. Grill or eat out?

Love him. Occured to me that many people don't do date night. they loose that after a while (I hear the 40 guys I work with at work complain all the time about their wifes complaining about not going out anymore). I've had the boys ask me what I would want to do. So I googled, here's a list. I eliminated the ones I thought were stupid, vomiticious-romantic-gag-me, nasty, impractical (snow in Texas! right...)

2. Try live entertainment, such as a band at a local bar, instead of a movie.
3. Pick a TV show, get a season's worth on DVD and make a running date to watch it together every night.
4. Head out to a midnight cult movie, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Showgirls or Donnie Darko.
6. Try brunch and a matinee; fancy restaurants are way more affordable in the a.m.
18. Enjoy a rousing game of Twister.
19. Dress up your backyard picnic table with a white tablecloth. Add candles, fancy cheese, chocolate and voilĂ : five-star fun.
21. Make a mixed tape or CD.
22. Create a beer garden: Scour local stores for unusual beers
23. Invest in an ice-cream maker or a bread maker; then invent your own homemade treats.
25. Order live lobsters, plop them in a pot and have yourselves a shore thing. (Try, which even has a cooking guide.)
27. Museums usually have one free night a week, so hit one then.
28. Find a happy hour with 10-cent wings and two-dollar draft beers.
32. Hit the local video arcade.
33. Go to the library and page through the coffee-table art books.
34. Suit up and spend a late afternoon at the indoor pool of the Y.
35. Head to the highest point in town. Spend an early evening watching the twinkling lights turn on.
39. Make yourselves the biggest, craziest ice cream sundae ever. (YESSSS!!!)
51. Head to an ice skating rink and strap on skates for some icy fun.
52. Poke around an antique shop.
53. Ride the Ferris wheel at a local carnival.
61. One word: Frisbee.
66. Pick up The Girl's Guide to Football by Peaco Todd, for a mini tutorial. Then join your guy at his next big game.
68. Head to a batting cage and swing at some balls.
69. Trim your fingernails, wear thick socks and hit the bowling alley.
71. Hit a sports bar and cheer on the team.
72. Map out a long bike ride through a local park.
73. Fire up the grill for burgers and sticky s'mores.
74. Play paintball. (SWEEEEEETTT)
76. A bar, beers and darts. Anyone up for some healthy competition?
83. Rent a fancy car. Tool around as if you actually own it.
84. Find a nearby bed-and-breakfast. Spend the night someplace where someone else makes the bed and cooks breakfast.
92. Get up and move: Try swing dancing, tangoing or square dancing.
95. Find out if a nearby wine store throws free wine tastings. Or try wineries, which often open their doors to curious customers.
96. Same goes for cheese shops. Call and ask if they have regular tasting parties.
97. Get all dressed up and catch an orchestra or opera performance.
98. Dig out that concert T-shirt: You're never too old to catch your favorite classic rock band on its reunion tour.


so the future-hubs and I have only been together since March. srsly.

It fit, we wanted to get married, and we said "screw you" to literally everyone who said anything different. We're two cautious people, two adults with life plans that already included the other, and I love him in a way that will last. We were engaged April 24.

anyway......what was I going to say.... OH YEAH.

So I have (had) 8 friends (now really it's more like 3-4 who I talk to mostly, you know who you are. one word: cherries), and we all still know a lot about each other (shockingly). One is getting married in October (YES!) and is the credit I gave most of my earlier posts to, she sent me the blogs and paper flowers ideas.

right. so I got a FB message from another and I totally forgot that Coach is a new-ish phenomena and I need to take a trip to Austin before football season starts for him.

"So do we get to meet this Coach fellow or do we have to wait until the wedding? =)"

I need to make a trip.... they're important to me.

Late for a Meeting

So now I'm reading all of her posts backwards viewing things that I would love to do at my wedding, but think I probably wont. We will be close to running an only $10,000 wedding. If you don't count my dress we'll be there. So I'm liking the tips.

I made the flowers, I need different paper and a hot glue gun. Going to try again tonight.

I've been trying to figure out what to get Coach as a wedding gift. My first thought: shotgun. I know, crazy. But he wants one, he loves shooting, and it's something that I know would blow his ever-loving-mind. He'd love me forever. But I was reading the blog, and she posted doing this. HELP!

Oh and I bought them. This, minus the green and plus some red will be in my hair on my wedding day. I also am having her make Coach and His bestman's boutonniers, the usher's and readers boutonniers, our mom's corsages, and the brooches for my sister and I's dresses. I spent more than I'd anticipated on flowers to serve these purposes, but it's my wedding and I love them.

from design whimsy via Ten Thousand Only

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Sue Me

Still don't know what I want to walk down the isle to. But it has to be long enough to make it through, the priest, the best man, Coach, long pause, then Mom/Me/Caitlin....


So in our Honeymoon trip planning we were quickly overwhelmed by the options presented to us for hotel stays and condo rentals. I found this place had good reviews and because they are doing an exterier remodel we were able to get the room for an exremely discounted rate!

So we are going to Lahaina Shores

And because of my USAA affiliation, we got an AWESOME discount on our rental vehicle! So I reserved the Jeep Wrangler, it was $100 more and we'll enjoy it more! :) And since I saved half off our room, an extra $100 is worth it! We still came in $1000 under budget! More fun things!

The only request I had was to do this:

Jon is going here:

while I (the smarter one)....

I think I made the better choice. :)