Monday, June 1, 2009


Ok. So we're 6 months out now. Freaky. Must find a reception place. We're going to look at the White Room tonight, before I go to RCIA.

Please pray for Kris, she's ok (and so is Baby Payton) but she's on bed rest from here on out (Due July 25! Poor thing!) and we're praying for everything to go ok and for her to not get cabin fever too soon!

Coach's house went on the market last week. After 3 days we got an offer, if they accept our counter offer we will be closing the end of the month and down to one payment. We are keeping our fingers crossed major big time.

Tile goes in my house next Monday, we're going to Houston this weekend. So I've got to clean up and get everything off the floors this week. Which is going to be tight since tonight I'm going to go check out the reception place and go to RCIA. Tomorrow I'll have to do a crazy good job, then Wednesday we're doing the DPS promotional ceremony so I'll be working late for that. And Thursday we leave, but we may not be able to. he may have to just deal with it. I duhno. It'll depend. *sigh*... one mortgage payment. heaven.

Finally my title got transferred, I own my car, and now am paying my own insurance. sheesh. So yeah. After we get down to one house/bills payment we're going to sell the Mazda before it breaks too, get him a new truck and I'll take his old one. I love that truck. I want to steal it all the time. haha. Then before we have a kid we'll get an SUV. Which if that boy has his way will be asap... I love that he wants the same things I do! We're so excited! :) I can't believe I get all these awesome things in my life! I am so blessed!
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