Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry I've Been Busy

Things have been crazy. check my twitter for more timely updates. It's faster and I can stalk people like on facebook. Sad, I know.

I've been working out, trying to loose weight although I've been eating kinda crappy. With living basically at 2 houses my normal only eats vegi's diet isn't going so well. I don't think I get anything at the grocery store these days except banana's, milk (for protein drinks), yogurt (for breakfast), granola (to go with the yogurt), and random salad mixin's--or to get food for that nights dinner. it's bad. It's been so busy. April was insanity, I was at work for like 2 days and out of town or in training for the rest, and May is finally JUST NOW calming down. the first 2 weeks were mostly catch up and 800 meetings (not to mention Swine Flu, don't get me started on THAT).

BASICALLY I'm finally seeing possible results.
Thank you Velocity. Thank goodness. I've been determined. So abs looking good, if only my THIGHS WOULD GET THINNER! I am still filling out my 8's uncomfortably. I really want to feel confidant in all my wedding photos.

So my goal is to get as close to a 6-pack as humanly possible for our Honeymoon (looks like Maui by the way). We set the date for December, I just have to get on the reception site locations. That kinda sucks. We're registered and we have our website up and running.

My court date is finally here and is tomorrow and I just want it to be OVER. I'm tired of it, I'm getting married to someone who is beyond my wildest imagination. So I just want the money I'm owed and to be done. I hope he doesn't fight me on this. I'm anticipating the worst and it's been riping my insides up all week. So Margarita's afterwards.
I love my dress and can't wait for it to come in, Kris is due in a few short weeks, summer is almost here, my house will be on the market next month and Jonathan's this month, and we'll continue to shop for houses in the middle once those go official. all that work, but it'll be nice to start over with no memories of a previous person, a new marriage, a new house, and hopefully a new motorcycle soon. :) I'm ready to be there. I'm ready to get started living the life that I'm happy I get to have for the rest of my days. To begin getting the things that really matter, starting our own traditions, thinking about when we'll start our own family, that kind of stuff. We're so excited. :)
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