Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Blog Sucks

Ok. Things have been busy, but I think it was April and all my travel that got me out of my blogness. Tiffy has gotten me back on the band waggon, except that I have nothing really interesting to talk about. I feel like my body dysmorphic-type issues are not interesting (and they aren't, regardless of how frustrated they make me).

Tiffy's last post was great though, and I think you should read it. Basic theme:

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. -Gilda Radner

I love my dogs. And they are so happy every time they see you, they comfort me through all my sadness and it's amazing--they know even when I don't that something is wrong. These dogs have gotten me through some awful men and situations. I do not walk them enough, nor pet them enough or appreciate them as much as they appreciate me reaching down and scratching their heads. Makes me wanna be a dog, except Donnie eats his own poopie. Gross.

I finally had my court date with "he-who-shall-not-be-named" and it went shittastic, but I'm so ready to be done with him that I just settled for $800. Which he basically took in exchange for his fucking teddy bear. Yeah, grown ass-pussy boy traded money for a teddy bear. Tool. He brought a lawyer, said 2 words, and stood there like a retard. The mediators were like "you need to take him to family court, hire a lawyer, and you'll totally win" but that's another 6 months and umpteen dollars in lawyers fees and he's such a looser. Seriously what did I ever see in his pansy ass? He's so ugly! Did he always look like an Ethiopian anorexic monkey? Coach is so handsome to me, but everyone else seems to think he's awesome looking too where as no-one ever thought TKOTDs was... maybe I was drugged or something. I blame the nervous breakdown. Whatever, I WIN! I get to marry the man of my dreams. In typical evil fashion I kept playing with my ring, and the lights were all bright so it was sparkly. muahahahaha. anyway it's done. done done done. Still haven't received my 1st check, go figure. If I don't get it by friday I'm calling the judge. bitchass. he just paid for my tile.

So Coach's house will be on the market this week, mine will be on shortly after the 8th when my carpet and tile go in. I am praying they sell this summer. praying. For so many reasons:

  1. Getting down to one mortgage payment, one set of bills, would be awesome because I'm so broke.
  2. I do not want to move during hurricane (me)/football (Coach) season(s)
  3. If they sell this summer, Coach is out of school and can do a big chunk of the packing/moving and it won't be a big deal since he's just futzing around anyway
  4. The sooner they sell the sooner we move into our "forever" home, and I really don't have to move for a long-long-long-long-long-long (et infinitum) time.
  5. I'm so tired of not getting to see him everyday, and having to drive all over Timbuktu to see each other.
  6. I love him but hate his house.

So let's hope it goes well. I gotta keep looking on the houses that pop up on my search, but there's not that much out there. Hopefully that will work in our favor. (right!????). Anyone want to buy a house in Arlington or North Fort Worth/Keller/NRH???? Please???? Because when they sell, it'll free up our money for:

  1. Selling my Mazda
  2. Coach gets a new truck (I get his silverado!!! YES!! I love his truck!)
  3. I get my motorcycle (went and sat on the BMWs last weekend, ooohhhh I want one so bad!)
  4. Patio furniture
  5. paying off ALL OUR DEBT (which really isn't that much compared to other people, but to us it's annoying)

Coach is taking me on some uber surprise date tonight. He's wearing dark jeans and polo. Homeboy wears his old-man jeans and a t-shirt to church to put that in perspective, so I'm kinda wondering what that boy has up his sleeve. so I'll wear a cute summer dress, it's freaking hot enough for it. He's a crazy romantic. He is also not telling me where we're going on our honeymoon!!!! Seriously!! GRRRR!!! I'm to pack a suitcase for cold weather and beach weather and his mom will bring one to the airport and I won't know until we get on the plane! Seriously! So I'll buy cute things for both, and save all my friggin receipts. I'll just have to make 2 piles of clothes and tell her to put one in the suitcase. what a terd, he originally told me Maui. I am so shitty with surprises. Like I know for our first kid I'm going to want the sex to be a surprise, but it's also going to drive me INSANE not knowing. I love planning everything out to a T. poopoohead.

Anyway.... back to writing EOC activation checklists. barf.

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