Friday, May 15, 2009

I Found My Dress

I went dress shopping last weekend (sick I might add) with Bernice (Jon's mom) and Alexis (his cousin), Caitlin joined later. We tried on dresses at 3 stores and they were all crazy and Davids Bridal was horribly busy and insane. I didn't like anything there. I had tried on 2 dresses at Bridal Designs in Southlake that I liked, so after all the dresses at Alfred Angelo and David's Bridal, we went there. I loved them both but each one had something about it that made me unsure.

Then yesterday I just got an urge to go back to Alfred Angelo because they were the nicest and I liked a dress there. So we picked out a few more to try on and the moment I put this one on I knew. It has so much simplicity but it's so different. Plus I love the ribbon. At first I thought I'd get red (claret) to match my colors, but I love how the black looks. I think I'll get Jonathan a red tie that matches whatever color Caitlin ends up in (the red). Then it'll be black and red at the altar. It is in December after all!! So then just at the reception we'll have red and orange accents. I don't want Jonathan in a tux, it's so not him. Well a suit isn't either, but I love the way a really nice suit looks so we'll buy him a really nice black suit, and his best man will have a black suit too. it's just going to be the 4 of us, so it'll look pretty crisp up there.

We also set a date, December 11th (Friday). He told them 7pm, but I think that's too late so I'll probably move it earlier. He keeps trying to work around everyones schedule and that's just not going to work. I just don't give a shit, people can take a freaking half day. Just don't take lunch Monday through Thursday for cripes sake. This is our wedding, we have too many fucking people thus far anyway if we work around everyone we'll never have a wedding. So he kinda got pissy and I told him I don't care, it's too late considering we're having MASS FOR CRIPES SAKE!!! Then pictures!! you've got to be kidding me! He's got a handful of people coming from Houston. We took a day off for their weddings, they can take one for ours. good gosh. I'm mean I know, but seriously. Its my damn wedding I'm not going to think about anyone else. So dumb.

The meeting with the Deacon to set the day was kind of weird. he's really quiet but nice. We had a personality test thingie that pissed both of us off because there were a good chunk of questions that "agree, disagree, undecided" did not apply to--so who knows what the results will say. we have to meet 3-6 times (depending on how "compatible" we ranked) with an assigned couple (who we haven't received yet) who will help us "work through our ranked incompatibilities/disagreements" on the test. We go away for a whole weekend at the catholic center for an engaged retreat, and hopefully that'll be better. only sucky thing is I have to notify work that I'm completely out of communication for the entire weekend because they don't allow cell phones. The chief is going to give me so much crap. haha. Jonathan is in charge of the priest/church stuff for the wedding (he asked what he could do, and so it's his own fault!! haha) and he called his old priest (now a monseigneur) and he will be doing the ceremony and he's pretty funny. So we'll meet with him sometime soon hopefully to talk about more specifics.

We also got the book of readings to pick from, so we have to come back to the liturgy director and bring the ones we want. The lady who does all that is the deacons wife and she's... nice enough, but she is also the choir director but sings everything herself and while she has a nice voice it's kinda ucky. So I've got to come up with a creative way to have someone else sing anything that would be just her. Maybe incorporate the choir girls in that part. Who knows. I was thinking of having the lord bless you and keep you sung if at all possible. She's nice but while there's like 5 other people who sing at every service, she does all the solo's and all the major singing and it kinda bugs me. Like it's a choir, not you're the only singer here. So we'll see how THAT goes. So the next big thing is finding a reception hall. that's going to be stressful and a pain.

For Caitlin maybe? I duhno... because it's just her we don't have to get them at a bridal store I guess... this one was just kinda cool when I saw it in the store. I'd get the accents in black.

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