Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Go Army!!

May 21, Army Times — (National) Army working on ‘green’ slugs. Army ammunition officials hope to field a new, environmentally friendly 5.56mm bullet this summer. The Army began working on its lead-free bullet program in the late 1990s to help reduce the tons of environmentally harmful lead being shot into the soil of training ranges across the country. The first attempt featured a tungsten alloy that did not perform well and proved to be almost as harmful to the environment as lead. The new M855A1 lead-free slug will be made of a bismuth alloy that works much better and is designed to work specifically with the M4 carbine. It will provide more "consistent performance" than the current M855 round and perform better against hard targets. It will also use a propellant that reduces muzzle flash. It is not a true "green ammunition" yet because there will still be trace amounts of lead in the primer. The plan is to start issuing the first of 20 million of the M855A1 lead-free slug cartridges in August. Source
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