Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is busy.

C.E.R.T. is done tonight, and I'm so excited. The drill is in 2 weeks. But I don't care. the class part is done so I get my Thursday nights back, no 11pm no overtime evenings. I cannot wait.

AFG grants are open and I've got a bunch of projects the guys have brought to submit, hopefully it'll go through.

Kris is getting closer to baby. I was so glad when the baby shower was done. felt so weird, got talked down to for not being married, pregnant, or a mother. after spending a ridiculous amount of money and fucking myself for all of April. Ugh. Working with all this shit on one income blows.

I have a roommate, Margaret. She's really nice. We never see each other. She's working nights, and I'm crazy lady, and crazy lady with a boyfriend (!) so it works out for both of us I think. She's super great. She's still selling her house in Kansas City, and so she's just renting the front guestroom out. Helps me out, helps her out, and she's super easy so it's been nice. With all my traveling this month it's worked out awesome with the dogs. She cracks me up.

Coach is awesome, put him through the ringer the day I left for EMI in D.C., survived, came out the other side pretty amazing. Love him, he's incredible, spent Easter with his family, we go to church together, can't quit sucking his face off. He makes me laugh. Very low maintenance that one. :)

Trip to D.C. was awesome. Spent lots of time with Touggy, got to know Herman a lot more--ironic since we've practically grown up together and we know all this stuff about each other, yet never actually talked. we get along well, and hopefully he and I will be friends for a while too. Touggy should be down in June, it'll be fun. :)

Grandparents come next week. :)

Going to Houston tonight for Coaches best friends wedding (he's best man), staying with mom tonight and having dinner with her Sunday before we leave. should be fun. packed and will leave after CERT. I miss him. I'm having a shitty day. and it's not even 10am.

off to another meeting. budget and strategic initiatives. there's a reason I don't have a gun at work. :(
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