Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Future Mrs. Coach

So we're engaged, nuts but it's perfect and he's awesome and I'm bouncing off the effing walls! :) We went over to his parents house last night afterwards and I seriously tackled his mom. She is awesome.

So we went ring shopping Thursday and picked a few out and then went to dinner, etc. so yesterday my training class ended early so i came to his house (it's close to where the training was in Arlington) and took a nap. I could barely sleep because my brain was still going 8000000
mph at the thought that he wants to marry me. He's insane. So anyway, he gets home from school and we look at the rings again online and kinda talk about them, then he "forgot" his gradebook at school. So he leaves and takes forever, calls me all pissed 'cuz he forgot his
classroom keys. I'm just laying on the couch watching tv relaxing for the first time in weeks, so what do I care. So then we go to the gym, come back, shower, were talking about dinner and decide to go to Red Tomato (i think that's whats its called). He is always doing stuff that most men don't do that astounds me, stuff that even if I thought for it no-one ever did before and to him it's just like "huh? well of course" but anyway so i was just sitting at the table telling him that
he's obviously not real that I'm talking to my imaginary boyfriend. and we have this joke, kinda, that I'll say I love you, he says I love you more, and (mostly because he's a geometry teacher and it's all about proofs) I say "prove it". So we leave. get in the truck, he's like I have to go to the bathroom we'll stop on our way to Blue Danube (place with great beer, also where we had our first date). This is weird because his house is right down the road from his moms, but whatever. boys are weird about pooping.

so we get there, his mom and I are talking like usual and he's like "ok, I'm ready lets go". so we leave and get to the place. we're there and have a few tasty beers and this annoying guy sitting at the bar wont leave and the waitress is egging him on being a freak. so he and I are just chatting and laughing. they finally leave. The guy who owns the place is hilarious and he knows I cook so he brings me this recipe magazine and I'm looking at it when he goes in the back. Coach says something hilarious or cute or whatever (like usual), so I say I love you. He says I love you back. I say prove it. I'm still looking at the damn eggplant recipe and i hear this creak and he says Ok, Marry me. I look over and there's the ring. and I have no words. I look at his face and all I can do is kiss him and practically bounce off my stool. I say yes of course, he puts it on
my finger, I can't even tell because I'm trying to stop shaking like a leaf and I'm looking at his face, and I'm giggling and shaking and we're hugging and kissing, and it's awesome. just in this quiet small restaurant, where it all started, joking around, no overly obnoxious gestures, just us deciding that we love each other forever and to spend the rest of our lives together. someone else may needs lots of big motions, but for me it was amazing. and I still haven't stopped smiling.

so what he really did was pick his mom up, go to the jewlery store, got the ring, his mom put it in the bathroom (hense the trip home), and they both knew. unfortunately his dad is in Honduras for a missionary thing with church, but he'll be back next week. :)

we called Caitlin, my mom, and went to see his mom, and he hugged her and she's all excited ("After 28 years I finally get a girl!!" haha. she's a riot. 3 boys. yipes!) and i am bouncing up and down as I hug her. we sit and talk for like an hour, and go back to the house and I'm just stunned. i can't sleep, but i feel so amazing and safe and it's real. I cannot believe that I found him. :) ok sorry this is long enough, but I gotta send it out!!

Aight, love ya!

The Future Mrs. Coach ----- bahhhhhhhhhh

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