Monday, March 2, 2009

My Weekend in Review

So last week, as a result of the infamous "text-up" I decided to buy myself something to remind me to be most concerned with nurturing my most important relationship: the one with myself. So I love Rubies, even though not my birthstone. But Ruby is July...the month my dad died, this has just been made aware to me as I found the picture. Funny how those things work out. It should arrive this week. Pretty huh?

So Friday I went to dinner with a friend, went to bed early because I was exhausted. I did stop by the tanning salon (finally) because my skin has been acting up. damn weird skin diseases. And this is what happens when you give someone a phone who has had 2 beers after a long week (kind of neat I think)....

Then saturday I put a light up to replace the damn hanging thing that did live here that was tied up with police rip-ties. It was so simple! Why hadn't I done this before! I now have to replace the cheap contractor-grade lights in the front hallways, Kris is helping me with that. I also painted the entire livingroom and ceiling. So this picture is already out of date! yes!! Only a few more weekends of painting then I'm DONE UNTIL FOREVER!
And as a result of my hard work, I started a fire Sunday and roasted some marshmallows. So enjoyable. and TASTY!
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