Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is the first year The Rev didn't file me as a dependant. The first year I've had a full-time permanent job. I purchased a house this year. I have assumed all responsibility for myself. This is the plus side:

I get approximately $10,600 back from the fed's.

Thank you first time home buyer credit. I'm filing this week. Hopefully will get my direct deposit soon. I will pay off all my credit cards. ALL of them! No more debt, no more money stress. And I will still have enough to buy my motorcycle. This is great news. Which means:

  • I won't have to drain my investment account to pay for these bills
  • get rid of my horrible cell phone and get rid of the work blackberry, condense into iPhone
  • Paint on all the walls in the house this spring
  • Going to the USC/Cal game in October, I will get to see Catherine and Jim!!
  • Maybe a vacation this summer (shocker!)
  • Both bathrooms will get tiled this spring
  • Kitchen island will be put in, and tile in the kitchen
  • New floors (remove laminate) in entire house early 2010
  • All payments received from TKOTD will be put towards possible new car in 2010-2011
  • SOOOOO much less stress


NOTE: use turbotax not h&r block's free tax filing thing. The former actually knows what a 1099-MISC is, the other tried to file it as real estate earnings. dumbasses

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