Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't Buy a Mazda

lets just say my ass hurts.

nice job, ford. way to manufacture cars that have a clutch expectancy of 60,000 miles. how can I get rid of this car, buy another one, and a motorcycle, and not have a car payment..... *sigh*.

I'm never getting out of debt. it's official. back to almost all cards maxed out AGAIN. I'm so exastperated I could cry. oh no wait... I already cried. when the mechanic called and told me how much the clutch et al. would cost, plus the other shit that's broken and needs fixing, and fluids that need replacing would cost. Mazda's suck. never buy american, we can't make shit these days. And I take care of this car, baby it! I should have just run it into the ground, don't think it would have mattered.

hey Mr. President, I'm feeling like a democrat--I need some free money and an extra tax break. I work my ass off and can't afford to pay shit, shouldn't I get some welfare too? How about some free health benefits to boot? If you're just handing out free money to big corporate monopolies, how about me? The lowly government employee. I have needs too.... Day 1 of 1460...clock's tickin' Mr. President.
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