Monday, December 15, 2008

Pet Peeve--Quit stealing my Tall Men!!!

After going out Saturday to 8.0's in Sundance Square, I'm thoroughly pissed off at tall people. As a 5'11 Amazon Woman (thanks to C-shift at the station for that nick-name. Not my fault all our firefighters are short as crap) it really pisses me off that short girls steal the tall guys.

My options are limited. My options are nearly non-existent after heels because hello!! I have a serious penchant for shoes, stiletto's specifically, and love wearing my 4" boots during winter with a cute skirt--therefor making myself 6'3-ish!! I mean seriiiooouuussssllyyyyy!! So unfair.

We're dancing and some Napoleon-complex short person tries to dance with me. First off, I was with a ton of friends and not in the mood to booty-shake with ANYONE (unless they were a freakishly tall cutie. of course), it was a friends night. And when you stalk me for the entire night and harp on me about not wanting to dance, and I'm being nice saying that I'm just with friends, don't push it. Just leave. But no. Apparently that wasn't enough, so I told some poor man-child to take a flying leap that I don't associate with the vertically challenged. Only not so nice. Homeboy still didn't get it. I mean seriously! We were well into our Blue Things, but seriously!! Go AWAY.

That's not what prompted this blog, what prompted it was two extraordinarily TALL (like 6'7-ish) men dancing all night with women way shorter than me! I mean helloooooo!!! Tall people should not be with short people. Short people have way more options. Stay to your own height area!! UGH!!! Pissed me off. Big time.

But I digress....

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