Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Notes from my days as a Copyeditor

from my work as a formal copy editor, not just as every one's paper and article editor (which I also don't get paid for. boo!)
  • words to not use in a scholarly, published book: crotch and shoddy
  • at does not mean on
  • single quotes are not to be used around names (especially not every damn name in a 400 page manuscript), they already stick out with that little thing called a capital letter.
  • Serial commas: learn what they are and how to use them
  • when quoting a quote, the latter uses single quotes. You dumbass.
  • "given" is not a current synonym for "listed as." What century did you learn English in? Or have you been reading 3 hundred year old Dutch manuscripts too long?

Ok so I'm totaling up all the money spent when "he-who-must-not-be-named" and I were together--all bills, rent, groceries, everything. So far (according to my calculations, which are on the nice side for him. I even went back to my old blog to check on dates of deposits and fights about money to check certain dates) he owes me about $6,500.00. No wonder I'm in so much debt!!!! I forgot about a bunch of payments I put on his loans that I never was reimbursed for. This was even in the beginning. Man I got USED. I will work out payments with him, I'm not going to be a total b-snotch but seriously. that's a lot of money. F---ing tired of being so angry because I have all this debt hanging over me. Why did I think he was good enough? Seriously? ugh... You know that Brad Paisley song "Letter to Me"? Hello! My letter would that be long and come with a big AVOID THIS JERK sign. so not funny ...
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