Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Apparently I have a nickname...

Ok so Friday (I think) when I got to work I had this on my door:

from urbandictionary.com:

Alice the Goon

1.) A profoundly unattractive female member of a fictional aboriginal people called "the Goons," featured in the old "Popeye" cartoons. Alice had a squiggle for a mouth and a flowerpot for a hat, and wore a grass skirt, of sorts. She fancied Popeye as a love-interest, but Popeye wanted nothing to do with Alice, understandably. However, she was much larger and stronger than Popeye (when he was sans spinach, anyway), and she would pick him up and croon, in a robotic monotone, "I love Popeye. I love Popeye," while he struggled to get away.

2.) A term used to describe an unattractive female.

I swear, that lady who runs the hot dog stand is the original Alice the Goon.
  1. This is one of the nicer nicknames I've ever had (with the exception of Melmo...I miss that one). At least they're not calling me a C--- or something horrible.
  2. It cracks me up.
  3. Nick-names usually mean your accepted, especially with this group. And at least I know what mine is, and it's not too bad. haha.
  4. I can't stop laughing.
  5. I ate it at Velocity this morning. Like couldn't get high enough to jump on the box, hit my shin, and ate turf. I am going to have a HUGE bruise on my shin, but couldn't stop laughing because it was hilarious. They didn't know what to do because it was B-shift, old dudes, but one of the dudes from A-shift who I know (who told me who put the thing on my door!! ) laughed too. I think they're warming up to me.
  6. The Chief told me last week that one of the guys went up to him and was like "C. is mean. She called me a douchbag. [pause] I like her. She's cool. She fits in here." Chief said he died laughing. But he was glad I could give and receive all the trash talk. I think it's going well with the fireboys. :)
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