Friday, April 21, 2017

In The Shop: February 2017

purple and teal quilt
purple and teal bedding set with florals, chevron, and quatrefoil

customized valentines outfit
glitter birthday cupcake shirts

grey floral with pink receiving gown
spring monogrammed outfits
mustard damask and blush pink receiving gown and burp cloths
mustard, blush pink, navy, orange, and teal with birds bedding set

Masks custom monogrammed embroidered pillowcase

In The Shop: March 2017

I've been slowing down a bit lately to take some family time but I still squeezed in a few orders this month!
pink monogrammed dresses
sunshine birthday shirt
Popi birthday shirt
superhero blanket
POW superhero blanket
small quilted purple and teal chevron, quatrefoil, and floral quilt
two's arent terrible I'm having a blast tutu set
navy stripe bedding set
purple and mint block quilt

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In The Shop: January 2017

comic book car seat cover

personalized star wars pillowcase

Avada Kedavra Bitch Harry Potter Pillow

sorority monogram pocket comfort colors t-shirts

Monday, January 30, 2017

Do Not Stand By

I was so upset reading the news over the weekend I sat down and hand wrote a letter.  It became this.  to which I have now sent to all my elected officials.  I cannot stand by. Someone must stand up.  Write a letter. Make a call.  Do SOMETHING.  This is not the freedoms our ancestors fought for.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In The Shop: December 2016

Ordering and Pricing information available at

monogrammed scalloped tote purse in aqua
tripple ply reusable toilet paper

1st birthday christmas red, green, and silver tutu set
5th birthday crown tutu set in pink, purple, and gold

I see Mason Looking at Me bear first birthday onesie
monogrammed christmas pj's in green and red
made these gorgeous cross stitched tops into stockings for a lucky family!

harry potter hanging wet bag
red and plaid monogrammed ornament onesie and skirt set
Alpha Chi Omega Comfort Colors monogrammed pocket t-shirts with shoulder Big/Little sorority embroidery
plaid womens vest with monogram
santa hat monogrammed family pjs
monogrammed purple weekend
red with green trim christmas pjs and infant gown with personalizations
personalized family pajamas
little boy tshirt quilt with vehicle fabric trim
little girl tshirt quilt with violet polka dot fabric trim
personalized tshirt
captain america inspired shield with name
custom tshirt memory quilt with green and blue
christmas wreath monogrammed onesie and red/green chevron skirt